Ardex Primer P51


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Ardex Primer P51

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Primer for porous or absorbent sub floors in a 5 kg tub



A concentrated, blue, synthetic, water-based, solvent-free multi-purpose primer with a wide range of applications which, after drying, helps to inhibit the penetration of water from subsequently applied materials. This product is used to prepare internal floors, walls and ceilings to receive cement-based mortars (levelling compounds, tile adhesives, screeds) as well as plaster based materials, improving adhesion as a bonding agent and retarding the wetting of the substrate by the applied materials. Effective pore sealer on absorbent sub-floors inhibiting air bubbles rising through subsequently applied sub-floor smoothing and levelling compounds, thus extending their flow life and workability.

ARDEX P 51 can be used to prime and seal the surfaces of cement or gypsum plaster based materials such as wall plaster, floors of cement based or prepared anhydrite and alpha hemihydrate pumped screeds before applying cement-based products such as levelling compounds and tile adhesives.

ARDEX P 51 can be used as a bonding agent to improve adhesion to dense and smooth concrete sub-floors and dense cement based screeds before using repair mortars or cement-based tile adhesives. Suitable for priming rigidly supported and conditioned plywood sub-floors before fixing ceramic tiling with appropriate cement-based tile adhesives. ARDEX P 51 can be used as a temporary protective coating over cement-based smoothing compounds and repair mortars where these have to be walked on before the flooring is applied and as a temporary dust-proofing treatment on screeds.


Substrates must be dry, protected by a functioning DPM, firm and free from dust, water soluble materials, excess adhesive residues and other barriers to adhesion.Surface contamination such as residues of polish, wax, grease, etc. should be removed using ARDEX DGR degreaser prior to suitable mechanised preparation. ARDEX P 51 is not recommended for use on metal and mastic asphalt, excess adhesive residues, ARDEX DPM, polyurethane and epoxy coatings. Consult the ARDEX P82 Water Dispersed Epoxy Primer and ARDEX R 3 E General Purpose Epoxy Primer datasheets for guidance.


Shake the container well before use and dilute when required by putting the ARDEX P 51 into a clean container and mix with the required quantity of water as specified in the selected mixing ratio. Ensure that the ambient temperature and the temperature of the surface being primed are above 5°C. If ARDEX P 51 is used where moisture sensitive materials are to be subsequently applied, the substrate must be dry, i.e. with flooring materials the screed should have a RH reading not greater than 75% and, where direct to ground, protected by an effective damp proof membrane. Apply the priming coat evenly with a soft broom or brush, over the sound, clean and dust-free surface and leave to dry thoroughly to a clear, thin blue film before beginning any subsequent work.


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