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101180 - ITOOLS Notched Screed Spare Blade 3mm - 60cm

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Itools Spare Blades For Notched Screed Trowel Spare Blades For Your Itools Upright Screed Trowel. Lay 3 Mm Of Smoothing Compound Working Upright Enables You To Apply Screed Twice As Fast As When Working On Your Knees. Buying Upright Trowels Means That The Investment Will, Therefore, Be Returned In A Short Time. It Is A Sound Investment In More Ways Than One; Working Upright Also Prevents Injuries To Knees And Back. The Unique Trowel Mount Imitates The Movements Of The Hand. The Itools Screed Trowel Is Therefore The First Of Its Kind That Allows You To Apply Screed Standing Upright With The Same Quality Of Work As If You Were On Your Knees.

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